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Taste The Ocean

The contest

Feel like cooking and winning?  That's easy with #TasteTheOceanContest.

From 15 to 29 April 2024, the European Commission ran the  #TasteTheOceanContest. The contest invited the public to celebrate the simplicity and flavours of seafood dishes, with the help of 28 content creators from around the EU.

The participants were asked to cook an easy and sustainable fish or seafood dish and share their recipe online, with a photo or a video. They were eligible to win one of the six available prizes (a 300€ voucher for a seafood restaurant of  their choosing or a basket of seafood products).

Over 90 participants shared their recipes. From them,  we  selected the 20 best entries based on the following criteria:

  • Visual appearance
  • Sustainability of the recipe
  • Simplicity of the recipe
  • Originality of the recipe

From those 20 entries, 6 winners were randomly selected through an online reliability tool. 

12 APRIL 2024
“Taste the Ocean” competition - Terms and conditions


Meet the winners

Meet the lucky winners through their culinary creations

Let others inspire you

Search the hashtag #TasteTheOceanContest on social media to see all the recipes shared.