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Taste The Ocean

is an EU-powered campaign encouraging everyone to buy, cook and enjoy sustainable fish and seafood.

The #TasteTheOcean campaign

Making seafood dishes can be fast, easy and tasty.

Since 2021, we have been working with celebrity chefs, content creators and citizens from across the EU to develop amazing recipes using sustainable fish and seafood.

It is about more than just taste and pleasure - we also want to encourage everyone to pay attention to what they eat.

As consumers, shoppers, foodies, parents, we all have a choice to make when it comes to buying our food. No matter where you shop and eat - the fishmonger, the supermarket or the restaurant – make the right choice, so that everyone, including future generations, can continue to enjoy the treasures of our seas, lakes and rivers.

Sustainability tastes best

The EU protects its natural marine resources by promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. This would not be possible without all the hard work our fishermen and women and our aquaculture producers do. Together, we make sure that the food on your table comes from responsibly managed fish stocks or is farmed in a sustainable way.

An app to help you choose your fish better!

Two EU-funded projects, VeriFish and MrGoodfish3.0, build on the #TasteTheOcean campaign. They are communication campaigns and apps to help you make better, more sustainable choices when buying fish and seafood in the EU.