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Taste The Ocean

Sustainable seafood recipes

9 seasonable and sustainable seafood recipes created by 9 Master Chefs for the ‘Taste the ocean’ campaign. Enjoy!

Butter perch fillet

Delicious perch from the fresh waters of the Danube delta, by Romanian celebrity chef Sorin Bontea.

Anglerfish in its habitat

Portuguese top chef Rui Paula has a passion for fish, and reveals how to cook anglerfish to perfection.

Tartare of sea bream

Top Chef winner David Gallienne prepares a delightful seabream, caught by a local fisherman.

Pickled mussels

According to chef Christan Puglisi, mussels are the best choice for a sustainable and tasty meal. Try the recipe and you’ll know he is right.

Trout from Ondenval

Belgian star chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre’s passion for pure and natural food comes to life in this recipe using trout from a local artisanal producer.

Suquet of horse mackerel

Spanish three star chef Joan Roca turns this suquet with horse mackerel into a gastronomic marvel.