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Taste The Ocean

is a campaign from the EU with celebrity chefs from all over Europe to encourage consumers to buy and enjoy sustainable fish and seafood.

The new season of Taste the Ocean is finally here, with more delicious fish and seafood recipes! 

This campaign is about more than just tasty food. Our celebrity chefs want to share one, simple message with you: be mindful of what you eat, so that you and future generations can keep on enjoying the treasures from our seas, rivers and lakes. 

The EU is protecting its natural marine resources by promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. This is only possible thanks to the hard work of our fishermen and women and our aquaculture producers. Together, we make sure that the food on your table comes from responsibly managed fish stocks or is farmed in a sustainable way.

But there’s also something you can do, as consumer, shopper, foodie, mum or dad. You can make the right choices when it comes to buying food, whether it is at the fishmonger, in a supermarket or when eating out. So, check out our simple tips for sustainable fish and seafood consumption, and enjoy the taste of the ocean!